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Pastor Scott Hopkins:

Pastor Scott grew up in a Christian home in Indiana. He was saved at the age of 4 and baptized at the age of 10. During his teen years, he felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to surrender his life completely over to God. During camp in his senior year, God called him to the gospel preaching ministry! He attended Heartland Baptist Bible College and graduated with a bachelors in Pastoral theology.

God then called him to a youth position for 4 and a half years in Mobile, Alabama. He learned much practical ministry experience there which in turn helped him to grow in many areas of his personal and spiritual life. Not long after he moved to Mobile, he married his wife Brittany. They have a daughter named Paizley.

God began to move again in his heart about pastoring. In the winter of 2016, God called Pastor Scott to pastor our wonderful church Bible Baptist! He has been a blessing and wants to see God work in a mighty way. He is very energetic, loves preaching and people.

Contact Pastor Scott:

Church phone: 763.434.9576
Email: [email protected]

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